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KANDEEL Industry and Trade

Our Vision

Increase our market share year by year.

Establish strong relation with the trade and build up brand loyalty.

Increase distribution speed and cover more ground throughout Egypt.

Provide high level services to customers.

Improve marketing, advertising and public relations.

Provide High Quality products to the Egyptian market.

Company Brief

Kandeel Industry and Trade (KIT) was established in 1990 as a trading company, and January 2015 we celebrated our Silver Jubilee. The main activities of the company are import, export and distribution. Products are being imported from different countries based on market needs and potential opportunities. KIT developed a portfolio of agencies to establish a strong distribution network setup.
KIT acquired SunBrightCo wet wipes factory in 2008.
KIT is now among the strongest marketing and distributing companies in Egypt.

Our Strategy

Developing strong brand portfolio.

Increase customer loyalty & retention.

Introduce new products to new and existing markets.

Initiate marketing program that lead to brand leadership.

Generate sales volume through strong penetration and proper merchandising

Make the business profitable for all business partners.

Improve our service approach for new and existing customers.

Increase and Improve organizational structure.